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COVID-19 Update 1
March 20th 2020

At ATC Australia we truly believe that we have built a solid base of friendship and trust with all of our customers within Western and South Australia and we aim to do this with all new customers in interstate based.

We are taking proactive, preventative measures for all of our employees and events.

The health and safety of our athletes, coaches, employees, families, and friends is our top priority.

We are doing our part to prepare for the potential unforeseen changes and challenges that COVID 19 will be bringing to all of our lives.

We have been in communication with existing and new clients via email, we will be keeping you all updated via this channel of communication.

In times that seem to be delivering a level of potential uncertainty and high levels of concern to our lives, we feel that it is very important to let you know that we are here for you!

Australian CHEER SPORT Alliance Update

COVID-19 and Sporting Activity
March 20th 2020

With the global situation evolving around Coronavirus (COVID-19), ACSA have developed guidelines for current best practice regarding social distancing, hygiene, sterilisation and infection minimisation which has been distributed to our studio/gym owners to assist them in taking maximum measures to mitigate the risk to our athletes, families and staff members.

This includes

1. Isolation Protocols
2. Equipment / Area Sterilisation
3. Practice good hygiene/hand sterilisation
4. Food and drink
5. Athlete Responsibilities
6. Social Distancing Measures - No Physical contact / Cease Stunt / Cease Tumble Spotting
7. Absence Policies
8. Exercise & Participation in Sport

ACSA supports the message from Sport Australia that ‘Exercise and participation in sport remains an important part of physical and mental health for everyone. Those who are well should continue to be active by engaging in exercise and playing sport…

We encourage you to support the options facilitated by your program as they will continue to do the best they can with their both their athletes and wider communities best interests in mind.

We all in this together so we encourage you to continue to support your coaches and gym owners while we all navigate these uncertain times.

Australian CHEER SPORT Alliance
March 26th 2020

Government restrictions on opening:  ACSA has received and collated the relevant advice from Government sources for Cheerleading Gyms and Dance Studios. We appreciate the enormity of the situation as well as the vast amount of information, and even though this makes it challenging we encourage Gyms and Studios to stay up to date with the latest Government advice. We will provide more information as it comes to hand and we encourage all our wider community to remain vigilant in their own daily hygiene and social distancing practice so we can all flatten the curve of this horrible virus, and bring back the full force of the Allstar spirit into Australia. The summary can be found here:

Australian CHEER SPORT Alliance
May 4th 2020

The National Cabinet has endorsed a set of principles for the return of elite and community sport.

ACSA is reviewing these and developing a roadmap to the safe return of dance and cheer training & events.

National Principles for the resumption of Sport and Recreation activities

In addition, they have endorsed the AIS Framework for rebooting sport in a Covid-19 environment

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Framework for rebooting sport in a COVID-19 environment

In the meantime, we remind everyone to follow the current Government advice in their State, so we can all work together to bring the cheer and dance back into the community.

Here at All Things Cheer and Dance Australia we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes under the consultation of the WA All star gyms and school programs, HBF Stadium and the West Australian government to offer the best possible event for all. We are committed to the development of Allstar cheerleading in a safe and sustainable way.

This year has presented everyone with challenges and we thank you for attending our event. It will be an event similar to previous years but with some key differences. We have made major adaptations to provide a physical event within the Phase 4 restrictions. We are fortunate to offer physical events as we know so many have been cancelled our the country and the world.

This document is to help answer some of the questions for you and make your experience as smooth and easy as possible.  

We look forward to seeing you at WA Starz 2020 and thank you for your continued support and compliance at this event.

Team ATC Australia